Cleared for Contact: Rondo's recovery is ahead of schedule


Rajon Rondo’s chances of suiting up for the Boston Celtics on opening night next Wednesday just got a bit more realistic.

Head coach Brad Stevens told reporters that the point guard will take part in a full-contact practice today for the first time since undergoing surgery to repair a broken bone in his left hand last month.

Since having surgery on a broken hand just over a month ago, Rajon Rondo has been doing everything possible to get ready for this season. He’s been working on dribbling drills, practicing with a protective mit on his hand that head coach Brad Stevens likened to a baseball glove, and he has been reassuring everyone who has asked that he is exactly where he wants to be.

He’s told us everything we want to hear except, “I’ll be starting on October 29th against Brooklyn.”

Today was a step in that direction as the C’s announced that Captain Rondo has been cleared for full contact practice. It’s unclear if this will translate into minutes on during the season opener, but hey man… this is good news and I’ll take it.

Rondo’s return will be under the watchful eye of the team doctors and under the relentless scrutiny of the Boston sports media.

Rondo broke his hand five weeks ago and was expected to miss up to eight weeks of the regular season. Right now, there’s a possibility he plays on opening night, which means he is way ahead of schedule on recovery and is willing to go.

Can’t believe Danny Ainge is mortgaging the future of the franchise on such a selfish headcase. Trade him for Isaiah Thomas straight up. Either the current Suns guard or the former GM of the Knicks - I DON’T CARE. Just get Rondo out of here. He can’t play defense and obviously wants out.

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