Brad Stevens' take on Draft Lottery reform

A league-wide vote on Wednesday sided against draft reform and to keep with the spoils of tanking (much to the chagrin of Philadelphia). Brad Stevens sounded off on the results and certainly didn’t seem phased.

“I think I have a pretty good feel for where our ownership and leadership team, and what their opinions were and are. And mine as well. Regardless, (the lottery) hasn’t changed. It is what it is.”

The Celtics are alleged to have voted for the reform according to Adrian Wojokowski over at Yahoo Sports.

If the Celtics brain trust had endorsed draft reform, perhaps they don’t expect to remain a lottery darling for long, even with Ainge’s hoard of draftpicks. But as Stevens said, “it is what it is,” and so losing will continue to reap value for this team.

So whether the Celtics do uncover some unexpected success this season, or lose their way to high draft picks, either outcome should be alright by us Celtics fans. If our wildest dreams do come true and this ball club, with the young nucleus that it has, does win its way out of the lottery, that will surely be the makings of a team on the rise. And if we make another fateful trip to (uheem… rigged) ping- pong ball night in May, we have the picks to get this rebuild moving. Stevens’ comments just confirm what Celtics nation should feel about this team and management- it’s headed in the right direction.