Afternoon Delight: Amar'e's Other Remedies

Yesterday we reported on the Knicks' Amar'e Stoudemire and his odd recovery soak.  Well we later discovered that the oft-injured former All-Star - who hasn't played in more than 65 games/season since 2010-11 - has apparently been testing different kinds of recovery baths in the past few years.  Put into perspective, the red wine bath probably isn't so crazy.

See for yourself:
Amar'e quit this method after much difficulty collecting enough quarters to buy the needed amount of gumballs to fill a tub 

Soda was easier to purchase, but Amar'e came out of these baths each time feeling sticky

The ramen bath would have worked if not for the boiling temperature required to cook the noodles - which incidentally also cooked Amare's own noodles


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