Matt Moore's coaching rankings: Stevens called "rebuilder," Doc is "elite"

Matt Moore of released a preseason compendium ranking NBA coaches yesterday.

In the ratings Moore has Celtic coach Bred Stevens deemed a "rebuilder" and tied for 21st in the ratings along with former Celtic great Kevin McHale (Rockets), Mike Malone (Kings), Jacque Vaughn (Magic), Jason Kidd (Bucks) and Brett Brown (76ers).

The Boston coach that preceded Stevens, Doc Rivers, who is currently with the Clippers, was rated the third best overall coach in the NBA as well as being labelled "elite."

Here's what Moore had to say about Stevens:
The Celtics love Stevens. They love his energy and his approach, they love what he showed last year even with all the growing pains he went through. He's a pro with the media, the players responded, and at times, Boston was actually competitive. He's the guy, and he can lose a lot more games and not feel any heat.

The point that Boston was competitive on almost a nightly basis with a team in flux last season is why I feel this rating is a touch too low for Stevens.

With regards to Rivers Moore reported:
How many coaches could have gotten his guys' heads together to respond in the Warriors series last year during the Sterling debacle? Meanwhile, Rivers has become one of the best coaches in the league not only in inbounding plays, but schematic adjustments and role player maximization. The Clippers' defense improved so much over a year with Rivers, they were hardly recognizable.

Rivers manages minutes well, gets his guys to buy in, spends time developing the younger players and doesn't drive his veterans into the ground. He's measured, but fiery when he needs to be. His guys know he wants to wants to win and that he has their back. The guy brought back Glen Davis, again, for crying out loud. Doc's the top "czar" (president of basketball ops and coach) on the list for a reason.

Doc's status is also ballyhooed as a result of having one of the top assistants in the league.

Kevin Eastman, who was just promoted to VP of Basketball Operations this off-season for the Clippers.

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