Leon Powe hired by Celtics front office

As of this posting, the pre-season is yet to begin and we already have a contender for the feel good Celtics story of the year. Rejoining the Boston Celtics in a unspecified front office role is Leon Powe- a player whose tenacity and hard work differentiated himself as a contributor and won over the Celtics fans.

While is job is not super defined as of right now, one thing is clear; he is there to help.

The job description reminds me of Keyon Dooling's front office job with the Celtics a few seasons ago. While it could have been described as team liaison or personnel advisor, most often it was described as "Keyon's job." A little bit of everything rolled into one job being handled by a guy everyone trusted and liked. Sounds like the perfect job for Powe.

Our main man at MassLive, Jay King, said it best:

We don't know exactly how much Powe will help or what he will be doing, but, to fans, the important part might be this: Leon Powe is back with the Boston Celtics and his presence will provide regular reminders that he once dominated the Los Angeles Lakers in a critical NBA Finals game.

During the rebuild, we need to be reminded of that as often as possible.

Welcome home, Leon!

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Photo source: AP