Danny Ainge says trading Rajon Rondo "is not out of the question"

After the report surfaced late last month that Rajon Rondo "wants out" of Boston, fans and pundits alike were left scratching their heads wondering if the relationship between the All-Star point guard and the Celtic front office was as tight as they make it out to be publicly.

Well this latest bit of news certainly isn't going to put out that fire.

One could see this and think, "I knew it, Rondo's days in Boston are numbered." Sure, Ainge adds the caveat that he "doesn't see that happening." But come on, "no one is untradeable"? There are plenty of guys on NBA rosters who aren't going anywhere no matter what another team offers for them. He could easily throw the "untradeable" label on Rondo if he wanted to. It's his decision. And of course he's still going to be noncommittal publicly so that he doesn't completely torpedo his leverage with a potential trading partner.

On the other hand, he could simply be telling the truth. Granted, that's quite a stretch considering how "honest" front office execs often are with the media, but the team is in such a strange spot right now that Ainge has the ability to be candid without doing any real damage. It's been said numerous times, but this team can still go in any direction it wants. Ainge could trade the farm for a real stud or two and contend right away. He could go young and trade Rondo. He could even wait around, hope to re-sign Rondo next summer and see where things stand with other free agents or trades.

So until something actually does happen, prepare for more hemming and hawing. It could be a while.

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