Bogans traded again; this time from Cleveland to Philly

Who wants me next?

Well look who everyone wants? Yes, Keith Bogans. For the 2nd time in three days, Keith Bogans and his non guaranteed contract have been traded.

The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to make moves, striking a deal Saturday to move newly acquired guard Keith Bogans to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Sixers will receive a 2018 second-round pick from the Cavs for taking on Bogans, whose $5.3 million salary this season and $5.5 million salary next season are fully unguaranteed. The Cavaliers will get a protected 2015 second-round draft pick in return.

The Cavs will create a $5.3 million trade exception in the process.

This is likely a luxury tax move for the Cavs. Paying Bogans $5.3 million to not play is a tough pill to swallow. This way the Cavs still get a $5.3 million trade exception asset, but don't have to foot the bill. The negative is that they can't combine the trade exception. Philly gets another one of the Cavs pretty useless 2nd rounders (likely to be in the 58-60 range). It remains to be seen if Bogans will be traded again before the weekend is out (Honestly I didn't even know he was allowed to be moved again this soon).