Shaq feels Julius "The Doctor" Erving is the greatest player of all time

Recently, Brandon Jennings made a completely misinformed statement that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player in NBA history.

Because there's nothing going on in the NBA right now this became big news with the "Big Aristotle" weighing in.

According to Bleacher Report here's Shaq's full quote:
"It’s a matter of opinion," O'Neal said, via Schwadron. "To me, Dr. J was the greatest player ever. But I ask other people, they say Jordan, some say Kobe, some people say LeBron. It’s always going to be a matter of opinion."

Now, some people have hypothesized the reason Shaq said this is he truly believes that it's himself so he picked a player that didn't play in his era.

Of course, Dr. J., although amazing, is not the best player of all time. His jump shot was erratic and he was not as good off the dribble as Jordan or as versatile in the post as Bird.

What I will say, as demonstrated in the clip from the cult movie classic "The Fish that Saved Pitsburgh," is that Julius was the coolest, smoothest and most poetic player to ever play the game:

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