Hey gang! Let's do our own #NBAmovies

In case you missed it, over the past few days several of the NBA teams' official twitter accounts have been posting spoof movie posters including players on their own team. While I'm still waiting for Woj to report on it, but a lot of people seem to believe it's 'because it's mid-August, and there's next to nothing to talk about.'

First, let's take a look at some of the best (more can be found here)

Dallas Mavericks with one of the more obscure references:

The Milwaukee Bucks put together a genuinely comical poster:

And the Jazz shut down the show with 'Home Malone.'

The New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors also got in on the action. You know who didn't? The Boston Celtics. Who either are 'too busy' or don't currently employ someone who has photoshop skillz.

Listen, the latter could be true. Danny Ainge is pretty analytics driven, and maybe he's throwing the whole budget at guys who are only good with numbers. That'd be a pretty big bummer for Wyc; all these other teams get to make hilarious parody posters, and he's stuck inside watching dudes pound on their TI-84's.

So it got me thinking; let's help the Celtics and Wyc outout. Let's make our own #NBAmovies. And then Wyc can look at the and be like, 'oh, this is a clever spin on a classic movie poster'

Here's what I came up with:

h/t to Burak Tekin

The tale of two star athletes who have their share of faults.

And while it's not necessarily Celtic related...

h/t to Mike Saver

Leave yours in the comments below! I'll add the best one to this column.