Report: Rondo to Kings "80 percent" done

Basketball Insiders is reporting that Rajon Rondo to Sacramento is "80 percent" done, via Tyler Spencer of Sports Talk:

Source: Sacramento Kings/Boston Celtics deal now at "80 percent" to be completed before season. Deal includes McLemore, Williams for Rondo.

This is the first in awhile that we've heard Rondo rumors pick up steam, but the proposition of sending him to SacTown is nothing new. Still, I don't see how a package centered around McLemore and Williams would be that enticing for Boston, and the report should not be given much credence. Ainge can't be selling that low on our captain.

Isaiah Thomas was rumored to be included in packages earlier in the season in exchange for #9, but of course he has since taken his talents to Phoenix. Without the inclusion of Stauskus or picks, the deal seems unworthy for our 4x all star. With Rondo's stock a bit low coming off his ACL surgery, I personally would avoid trading him until the season starts where he can showcase his talent and boost his value. This is an early report with limited detail and no confirmation elsewhere, so take it with a sizable grain of salt and stay tuned to CelticsLife for more Rondo updates.

All of this to say the original report comes from a guy by the name of T-Spence:

Make of it what you will, but it probably shouldn't be taken too seriously.


Reader "Step" found some rather comical material fully discrediting T-Spence's suspect report. Click here to learn more about T-Spence and his sources.


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