Ray Allen says Doc Rivers has called him; nothing from LeBron

While reports surfaced asserting that legendary three point marksman Ray Allen will either join LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers or retire, Allen claims those aren't his only options. Via the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy:

"No," he said when asked about the assumption that he would return as a Cavalier. "There's so much speculation about me going to Cleveland. I haven't even decided where I will play. Obviously LeBron and I are great friends, and James Jones and I are really close. But at no point have those two tried to push me in that direction. I haven't had that conversation. LeBron and I went on vacation to the Bahamas earlier this summer, and we didn't talk one iota about things. And that was before he made his decision.

"It's just what they start talking about on TV -- where I'm supposed to go. I have not leaned towards Cleveland," said Allen. "I have not made any mention of going to Cleveland. These last two months were about me physically, and deciding whether I want to play again."

Allen also said he has not talked with Heat general manager Pat Riley, or any other member of the Heat organization, about returning.

Several times Ray has cited interest in spending more time with his family and wrapping up his 19 year career. At the same time, Allen can essentially pick the team he goes to, likely prioritizing a shot at a third ring.

"A lot have called. Doc called earlier this summer," he said. "A lot of teams want to be able to get me at the veteran's minimum. i still have an ego, too. I still have a service to provide, and teams still have to pay me what I feel my presence is worth. I have to take that into consideration, if it's worth putting my body through what it will take over 82 games."

Allen interestingly noted the importance of a veteran coach before wrapping up:

"It will require a perfect storm scenario for me," said Allen. "I'm in great shape, and I'll continue to be in great shape, but I don't want to go to a situation where I don't understand the rhythm of how a coach coaches. He has to be a great coach, a veteran coach."

Could this mean anything for the Cavaliers, who hired David Blatt as new head coach? Despite having years of experience overseas, Blatt has zero NBA experience.

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