KG is coming to town opening night: A sneak peak at the Celtics 2014-15 schedule

The NBA's full schedule release is tonight at 6 pm on NBA TV, but that has not stopped some NBA insiders from leaking big games. Take a look at Adrian Wojnarowski's latest for some of the big national games this season.

Locally, it's Steve Bulpett who has the scoop, and he tweeted out the following dates to remember for the Celtics.

So the Celts get KG on opening night, LeBron and the Cavs come into town two weeks later, and then Paul Pierce visits on December 7th.

But overall, what an amazing lack of buzz around the Cs schedule this season. Last year the Cs sucked, but at least there were games to really circle on the calendar: Pierce and KG's return, Doc's return, Rondo's return (I know this wasn't known ahead of time, but we all knew it was coming eventually). This year? Ehhh.

Pierce, Garnett and Doc will certainly still get their ovations, but the second (or third) time back is never as memorable. And while a marquee team rolling into town will always create buzz, it's not nearly as fun when that game isn't under the bright lights of national TV.

Now don't take this as me saying there aren't reasons to be excited about the upcoming season. There are plenty. From a healthy Rondo, to Marcus Smart and James Young, to year three of Sully, and year two of Brad Stevens..the Cs should be more fun than last year.

But it's just a bummer that the Celtics are so far back on the NBAs burner that they're no longer being put on Christmas Day, or on TNT on Thursday nights. Hopefully there aren't too many seasons left before the Celtics are once again a major draw.

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