Video: Better dunk: Zach LaVine monster windmill vs. High schooler dunking from free throw line

Contestant #1: Timberwolves rookie Zach LaVine, who continues to put on a freaking show this summer with his ridiculous 46" vertical.

This was apparently at a Seattle dunk contest, and the last dunk is particularly ridiculous. Looks like he jumps from about a foot inside the free throw line WHILE windmilling. My God.

Contestant #2: High schooler Shelby McEwen, a relative unknown in the class of 2015, dunking from the free throw line. Not a foot or two inside of it (which we've seen many guys do), but actually behind it. Something we've seen very few people do.

Zooming in on the replay, it's clear he does actually start his jump behind the line, just a ridiculous show of athleticism.

So, who's was more impressive?

In terms of sheer degree of difficulty, LaVine is an absolute monster. No question the kid is going to win multiple dunk contests (better question will be: will the rest of his skill-set ever catch up to his leaping ability?), and windmilling from a foot inside the FT line is preposterous.

That said, I've got the unknown 17-year-old who jumped from BEHIND the damn FT line. That kid looks like he weighs about 130 pounds, and may not even play major college ball. But damn it he can jump.

Let's take it to a vote.

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