Joakim Noah wants to beat LeBron so bad he can taste it

"I’m happy for LeBron James," Noah said Friday. "He gets to go home. People are happy over there. But I really hope that we can kick his ass as many times as possible."

You can't see it, but I am standing and applauding. Thank you Joakim Noah. Thank you for being one player in the NBA to actually say the road to the ECF goes through Chicago and specifically Joakim Noah.

Do I want to see actual fights on the court? No- of course not. Because any type of skirmish reaffirms what naysayers and dumb-dumbs who don't watch basketball think the sport has become.

Do I think this is the best statement of free agency? 100% yes. It's exactly what I wish Kevin Love would say. Or what Melo would have said. Or what any free agent said. FINALLY someone declare that you want to win, win now, and they're going to fight to do it, specifically against the guy who everyone assumes is going to win.

Sure- LeBron James is the best player on the planet, and other premier guys would love to get LeBron to connect like Voltron and win multiple titles together. Then there are other players that would rather put together their own team and do it themselves. Those guys are the ones that make any sport worth watching.

It's mega refreshing to see another high level player say, "nope- not only do I think my team should win, I think we should win specifically over Superman and his gaggle of super friends."