Rajon Rondo rates confoundingly low in ESPN's WARP projection for 2015 free agents

ESPN's Kevin Pelton did some number crunching recently and has Rajon Rondo ranked ridiculously low in his WARP (wins above replacement player) projections for the 2015 NBA Free agency class.

Not surprisingly Rondo rates below Kevin Love, LeMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordon.

However, according to Pelton's calculations, the Celtic's captain also rates below point guards including Patrick Beverley and Reggie Jackson.

He also rates below such role players as DeMarre Carroll and Mike Dunleavy Jr.

The calculations are obviously very distorted as Jay King at Masslive.com reported due to Rondo's injury:
WARP accounts for durability, so it's likely that Rondo's injury -- and the 96 regular-season games he has missed over the past two campaigns -- hurt him considerably in the projections. After returning from a torn ACL in January, he struggled from the field, but, despite a roster that lacked shot makers, remained one of the NBA's best assist men.

If healthy, Rondo is a four-time All-Star who should theoretically be near his prime at age 28. He should command a hefty salary next summer, though maybe not a max deal like he reportedly wants.

I disagree with King in that if Rondo makes his teammates noticeably better and can shoot over 35% from three and 45% overall he could definitely command a max salary.

His numbers brutally tailed off from deep last season late, but, as I've stated before, I feel his mechanics have come around enough that 35% from beyond the arc is a real possibility.

Unfortunately, for big fans of Rondo such as myself, if he were to accomplish these numbers and command a max contract he probably won't be a Celtic in 2015-2016.

His age and the Celtics youth movement would just not justify the organization paying him max dollars.

Unless, of course, Rondo is good enough that he can attract some top tier free agents as well as players willing to play for less money than they could get elsewhere in order to chase a ring.

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