It's official: The Suns are trying to hoard all the league's point guards

As was reported last night by Sacramento Kings point guard Isaiah Thomas is on his way to Phoenix:
This is a somewhat befuddling move considering The Suns already have two great point guards in Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe (assuming he re-signs) and they just drafted Tyler Ennis, another point guard, number 18 overall in the June draft.

Having said that, as Sports Illustrated's Fan Sided reported, this deal was mostly about asset acquisition while getting a player that could still be a valuable contributor:
To sum up why acquiring Thomas makes sense for Phoenix, let’s turn to the best paragraph from ESPN’s Kevin Pelton’s trade grade piece:

… this is different from how we approach the NBA Draft, when teams are generally encouraged to pick the best player available rather than draft for need. For most teams, this makes sense. Free agents are expected to contribute immediately, and they generally don’t carry the same long-term upside as draft picks. However, for teams building their rosters, it might be more important to get the better player and figure out another move later.

Thomas is a solid player and analytically considered worth the four-year, $27 million deal despite being considered a backup, the sixth man behind Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe. Phoenix now has the ability to trade any of its backcourt players without having to worry so much about who replaces them. And even if keeping Dragic and Bledsoe are part of long-term plan, there’s no doubt the Suns picked up another player who can help them.

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