Delonte West goes after LeBron on twitter (maybe)

We all know the Delonte West/Gloria James (LeBron's Mom) rumors. We have no idea what actually happened, but there's certainly been enough smoke to wonder if there was a fire.

But whether or not Delonte and LeBron's mom, got um, close, during their time together in Cleveland, it looks like Delonte and LBJ have some kind of beef.

Yesterday Delonte tweeted "LeBron is wack" before deleting it. And today, West went a step further, calling the best player in basketball "trash".

(Here's a screenshot in case he deletes it again)

So obviously this makes you wonder: what is Delonte thinking? That's a difficult question to answer when you consider Delonte's past, which includes many instances in which it doesn't seem like he thinks all that much.

But still, this is particularly confusing because West is currently on the Clippers summer league team, hoping to make it back to the NBA for the first time since 2012. Why the hell would he bring this kind of attention to himself? Bizarre.

But hey, it's funny. And we all like Delonte from his time in Boston. And he made fun of LeBron, which is always a crowd pleaser it seems. But I honestly just hope the dude is ok. He's had some issues with his mental health in the past, and it'd be a shame to see his (likely) last NBA chance go up in flames because he called LeBron trash on twitter. Doesn't quite seem worth it.


Apparently Delonte's sister said this is a fake account. Definitely weird that the Clippers, a host of players and a bunch of media members follow a fake account. But that certainly may be the case. Apologies if it's fake.

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