Could Paul Pierce and the Wizards be the team to beat in the East?

Last night the Wizards and Spurs played the most exciting game of summer league yet when Washington beat San Antonio 95-94 in the quarterfinals of the Las Vegas summer league quarterfinals.

The game was punctuated when Glen Rice Jr., who had 36 points, sent the game into triple overtime on a corner three.

Both Rice and last year's first round pick (number 3 overall) by the Wizards, Otto Porter have been sublime in Vegas this summer.

Rice is averaging 25.2 points on .444% from three with 7.6 rebounds a game and Porter is averaging just under 20 while shooting a ridiculously lights out 54% from deep as well as grabbing six boards.

Hence, the question needs to be asked with the way these two are playing are the Wizards the team to beat in the East?

They're definitely in the conversation.

Bradley Beal and John Wall are considered one of the best guard tandems in the league and Marcin Gortat was a beast at times in the playoffs. Add a Celtic Hall of Famer in Paul Pierce who put up very good numbers for Brooklyn last season and two superb three point shooters in Porter and Rice who are more than just spot up threats that can also rebound and you've got a pretty potent nucleus.

Yes, losing Ariza will hurt on the defensive end but from what I've seen from the young guys as well as the addition of Pierce more than makeup for this departure.

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