Coach Stevens outlines Boston Celtics' pitch to prospective free agents

In the article in Mass Live where Brad Stevens talks about Rajon Rondo and Marcus Smart playing in the same backcourt he also addressed Boston's pitch to prospective free agents on playing for the Celtics:
“I just got done coaching in a season where we did not have a good year, where we won 25 games out of 82. And when I tell you that our fans were unbelievable, I can’t stress it enough,” he said. “I think people got a glimpse of that, and have gotten a glimpse of that, as they’ve visited over time. But actually to be here and live it, and to be supported the way we were, and to watch guys like (Kevin Garnett) and (Paul) Pierce come in here and get the reception that they got, I think that this is a special place. There are a lot of great places to play, don’t get me wrong. But obviously we’re biased toward this one.”

This has always been my counter-argument to those who say free agents will never come to Boston. If you love the game of basketball, winning, tradition and the opportunity of playing for a great basketball mind Boston is very hard to beat.

I know there's those arguments about nightlife, beaches, weather etc. but if you're a multi-million dollar athlete there's still more than enough to to do in Beantown.

These arguments sound more like fantasies of those who would like to be super rich and of people that have watched one too many episodes of Entourage or modern day hip-hop videos as opposed to the actual reality of being super wealthy.

For instance a player like Kevin Love, who boxes out, knows how to throw an outlet pass and appreciates tradition like he does having played at UCLA, somewhere like Boston Garden and competing for championships could be the very definition of heaven on earth.

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