Brad Stevens: Marcus Smart and Rondo will "complement each other"

One persistent question since the Celtics drafted Marcus Smart is the future of Rajon Rondo with the organization and whether the two point guards would be able to play on the floor at the same time.

This is an issue Jay King from Mass Live recently addressed:
One popular question this week has been whether the Celtics really plan for Rajon Rondo to share the backcourt with draft pick Marcus Smart. Danny Ainge has said yes, Stevens has said yes, and of course it might be unfair to even ask "should the Celtics trade Rondo now because of Smart?" questions before the latter guard plays a single NBA game.

But the thought persists: At least if they determine Rondo could consider leaving as a free agent next summer, now the Celtics have a bit more flexibility to move him. That's fair. Though I still think they'd rather surround Rondo with stars and fast-forward the rebuilding process, they need to plan for anything that could happen.

That being said, Stevens sounds like he expects Rondo and Smart to spend plenty of time together in the backcourt. He continued to hammer home his belief that they will make a nice pairing, especially once Smart improves his shooting as the team believes he will.

The money quote: “I see them not only being able to coexist, but being able to complement each other well.”

It's difficult to read anything from this because in many respects head coaches and front offices in the NBA are like Hollywood agents in that much of the time you never know what they're really thinking as they are always maneuvering for down the line.

With regards to Rondo and Smart being effective together on the floor at the same time I am a bit skeptical.

I think defensively they'll be fine and of course running the break it's always nice to have multiple players who can get out with the ball in transition.

It's in the half court where I have my questions.

Marcus Smart has the personality and charisma that probably from the age five he was the quarterback, dodgeball captain and obviously point guard.

It's very difficult to go from the main leadership roll to a more peripheral role especially for someone who's been the man their entire life.

It will be interesting to see how Smart adjusts on the floor when he's put in that position.

Having said that, from my time working for Synergy and breaking down Butler games I feel Brad Stevens is one of the great minds in all of basketball so if there's anyone who can find a way to make this work, he can.

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