Boston Celtics finishing a deal for Evan Turner

Once the second overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers, Evan Turner has found his NBA journey to be quite the rollercoaster ride so far. The Sixers at one point looked like legitimate "contenders" in the East, taking the Celtics to seven games in the Eastern Conference semi-finals. They came into next season with even higher expectations, thanks to the trade for Andrew Bynum.

That deal didn't turn out so well and the Sixers went into tank mode almost immediately, jettisoning Evan Turner for next to nothing at the deadline this past season.

Now he was just signed at the end of July by the Boston Celtics.

Or well, close to signing anyway. What does this mean for Boston though?

As Eric Blasidell wrote a week ago today when Boston's interest was reported, it could signal the end of the Jeff Green era as the 25 year old could take his place as a starter.

Some other things to note on the potential deal: