Afternoon Delight: Celtics sign 7 more players; Roster now stands at 25

Looks like Danny Ainge wasn't done adding pieces to his 2014-2015 roster. Yesterday we got the news that the Celtics were signing Evan Turner and today we are hearing that Ainge has just inked 7 more players. Check out the new Celtics:

Kris Joseph: Expected to be cut in October. Ainge loves messing with him.

Dana Barros: The 47 year old guard returns for his third stint with the team.

Jaleel White: Expected to compete for back-up shooting guard minutes.

Jessica Mutombo: Long sought after rim protector.

Zdeno Chara: Defense wins championships.

Barack Obama: Don't know much about this guy. Looks familiar though.

Bugs Bunny: Considered the hare apparent to Michael Jordan. Fantastic Hops.

Which new Celtics are you most excited about?

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