Video: Austin Ainge talks drafting players with injuries

Austin Ainge, the Boston Celtics' Director of Player Personnel, spoke with the media during the Celtics' final draft workout regarding how injuries impact draft selections. After the news that top prospect Joel Embiid broke his foot, many are wondering if he could slide to the Celtics with the sixth pick.

Ainge spoke on how the Celtics took chances with two different players in recent years -- Jared Sullinger and Avery Bradley. He explained that with these players, the medical staff of each NBA team had difference of opinion on their health, but the Celtics' medical staff advised them to take a chance on them.

The front office was also advised by the medical staff to pass on Brandon Roy (who was able to play well for a few years before injuries got the best of him) and Greg Oden. So the opinions of the medical staff do weigh highly on draft decisions.

Ainge said that Celtics personnel will meet a lot over the next few days before the draft and go over every trade, draft and free agnecy scenario possible. The Celtics will be active in trying to acquire a 2nd round pick, but it will depend on a variety of different scenarios.


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