Rondo says he wants to stay in Boston, "trusts" Ainge will get another star

So the Celtics worked out 12 potential draftees today (including former Lousiville guard Russ Smith and UMass guard Chaz Williams) -- and Rajon Rondo was at the Celtics' facility to check it out/work out/talk to the media. Rondo was asked about yesterday's meeting with Kevin Love, among other things, and MassLive's Jay King did a nice job documenting it. Thanks to Jay for the quotes.

On recruiting Love:

On staying in Boston:

On the Celtics roster:

On his health:

The last one is a little weird, but Rondo is probably still working on some explosion type exercises to get his first step back to it's pre-surgery form, so hopefully that's all it's about.

As for everything else, Rondo is clearly talking like a guy that is expecting to be here for quite some time. It also seems like he has had a conversation or two with Danny Ainge and that Ainge has told him that he's looking to add a star to the team, not deal one (aka deal Rondo). Not that Ainge's word is to be taken as a guarantee of anything (After all, this is the same dude who has traded/agreed to a trade with the other four starters on the 2008 championship team as well as the coach of that team), but it seems as though Rondo is privy to some roster construction intel that we are not.

Obviously we can put the pieces together -- Love is in Boston with his agent, Love and Rondo meeting, Love's reported request to be moved, Ainge 'working on getting a star' -- and it seems as though Danny is going to make a serious, serious run at getting Love this summer. After all, there aren't exactly a bunch of stars available via trade (free agency isn't viable for the Celtics, so I don't want to hear "LeBron is available"), so it almost has to be Love.

As an aside, I'm all in on Love. Every time I hear his name I get all tingly, and even generic quotes from Rondo (the master of generic, meaningless quotes) have me reaching for meaning. I know there are other options for a rebuild -- dealing Rondo and going for the total teardown, using both picks and pairing them with Rondo/Sully/Bradley/ect -- but when a 26/12/4 guy who isn't even 26 years old comes available and you have the assets to get him, YOU NEED TO GO GET HIM.

Plus, I really don't want to write about Brandon Bass' swimming lessons and Gerald Wallace being a jerk next season. So I'm a little biased. But let's do this thing Danny, don't let this past weekend become the tease of all teases. Please.


Rondo and Love meet up at the Red Sox game

Pictures of Kevin Love in Boston -- tell me he doesn't look like the happiest guy in the world

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