Report: Nuggets willing to give up Faried, Chandler and Afflalo (who they'd acquire) for Love

Earlier today Steve Bulpett reported that the Celtics were not the favorites to land Kevin Love, and that the Nuggets were one of the biggest threats to swoop in and grab Minnesota's All-Star. The reason? That they'd give up more NBA talent than Boston can offer. Well now Bulpett has names, more specifically Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler and Arron Afflalo (who they'd have to acquire first).

Obviously they'd have to give up something pretty decent to acquire Afflalo from Orlando, or perhaps this expands to a three-team deal.

My biggest question is whether or not the Nuggets are giving up a pick as well. Considering they have the 11th pick, that would make a pretty big difference on how attractive this package is.

I'm a little confused by Minnesota's desire for above average players over cap space/picks, but I guess when you've missed the playoffs for ten straight years your mentality changes. Maybe the Wolves are trying to rebuild without a complete teardown, and Afflalo and Faried are two nice pieces to bring in if that's the case. In some ways it's reminiscent of the Carmelo Anthony deal where Denver grabbed a bunch of good players for a great one. But there were two major differences in that case:

1. Denver got a first round pick and two second rounders. Maybe Denver is giving up a pick or two, but we don't know if that's included in the offer.

2. Denver was in the middle of the season and in the playoff race. Minnesota finished nine games out of the eight seed last year and are now dealing their best player. Not saying it's impossible for a Rubio/Afflalo/Chandler/Faried/Pekovic team (with some solid bench pieces) to make a playoff run -- but it's far from a guarantee in a loaded West.

But whether or not I agree with it is meaningless. It's the Wolves' opinion that truly matters, and if they're looking for quality NBA players, the Celtics are going to be left out in the dark for sure.


Pick NOT included. Yikes.

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