Eye on the Draft: Syracuse's Super Frosh Tyler Ennis

Today's Eye on the Draft will be taking a look at Syracuse's Tyler Ennis. Ennis was not only considered one of the best freshman in the country, but, also, one of the best point guards in the nation until Syracuse's late season collapse.

Ennis' freshman numbers at Syracuse were 12.9 points and 5.5 assists per game. However, much like Marcus Smart at Oklahoma State, it's not the numbers so much, but more Ennis' leadership and ability to orchestrate an offense that intrigue NBA scouts.

Unfortunately, not everyone is enamored with Ennis' decision to declare including Syracuse coach Jim Boheim. This according to a recent article from Ricky O'Donnell at SB Nation:
You know, I don't talk to players anymore. They make up their mind and they go. You know, it's really, there, it used to be you wanted to go in the top six, eight picks. Now, players just wanna go. First-round pick.

The disappointing part is, NBA teams really don't even want the draft picks after the first 15 (picks). They would rather trade them. Give 'em away, whatever. Because they don't want that guy, they've got too many guys and don't want to give that guy guaranteed money. So, you'll find a lot of NBA teams trade those picks.

Although he could be more supportive of his former players no matter what they decide, Boheim has a point. Ennis in all likelihood made his decision when he was projected to go top ten before the Orangemen faltered late.

Boheim, who also coached last season't rookie of the year Michael Carter-Williams for just one season in college, continued:
Michael Carter-Williams got a humongous opportunity (with the Philadelphia 76ers) because Philadelphia traded their point guard. He got to play. That is unusual. Most of those teams, the point guards are pretty set. You are looking at coming in and being a back up. It's a question of how much will I get to play. Am I going to get better that way? Is that going to be good for me? And there is no way to know the answer to that.

I think if Michael Carter-Williams had gone to a little bit better of a team, he might have been playing in the D-League. Instead, he's the rookie of the year. Where you go, where you come out in the draft is everything. You just don't know where that is going to be.

Ennis is currently projected anywhere from 12-25 on draft boards so very well could be available to Boston at 17.

As his draft express video illustrates the one really big thing to like about him is he is a pure point guard and floor general who is content with making the smart as opposed to spectacular play:

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