Celtics could shock all the experts and end the night with Dante Exum

Talk has surrounded the Celtics drafting one of Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, Joel Embiid, or Aaron Gordon at #6. There also have been rumors of the Celtics trying to trade up for the #1 pick to nab Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker. One name not being talked about as the next Celtic is Dante Exum, but he's there for the taking for Danny Ainge. You may say, "Well there are no rumors of the Celtics trying to trade up for Exum." But I'd counter, were there rumors of the Celtics trading Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green? Were there rumors of the Celtics trading up for Kelly Olynyk or trading down for JaJuan Johnson?

Getting Exum seems pretty easy for me. The 76ers want to trade up for Andrew Wiggins and the Cavs want to trade down for Joel Embiid. Thing is the Cavs don't need the 3rd pick to draft Embiid. This is where the Celtics come in. The Celtics could swap the #6 pick (and something) for the #3 pick. Celtics would end up with the super athletic Exum, who Danny was very high on this whole year, but suspiciously we've heard very little about him in the past month. Embiid's health risks are very real. Would you prefer the next Greg Oden or the next Penny Hardaway?

Is this trade likely to happen? Who knows. But just because you haven't heard the rumor doesn't mean the Celtics aren't in on Exum. Really anything is possible in the next 4 or 5 hours. Don't limit your thoughts to just who the media is reporting the Celtics are leaning to drafting. Personally I'd be thrilled if the Celtics drafted Exum. Like everyone, I liked Embiid a lot before all the injuries came out. For a player who hasn't played many years of basketball, the injuries piling up for the 7 footer are getting scary. If the Celtics can't acquire the #1 pick and draft Wiggins, I say go for the #3 pick and take Exum.

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