Afternoon Delight: Donald Sterling & Adam Silver Play the T-Shirt Game

Sell the team?  Don't sell the team?  Sue?  Not sue?  

Donald Sterling and Adam Silver are just a pair of crazy buds having some fun.  Some days, Adam will ban Donald from the NBA for life, fine him and then force the sale of his L.A. Clippers.  Other days, Donald will agree to sell the Clips and not sue the NBA for easing him out of the league.  Then, of course, there are days when Donald will just say, "what the heck," call it all off then sue Adam and the NBA anyway.

Then there are days when these silly pals play the Ryan Gosling/Macauley Culkin t-shirt game.  They just so cray cray...

Hollywood celebs Ryan Gosling and Macauley Culkin play the T-shirt Game 
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