Video: Julius Randle NBA draft combine interview

Julius Randle is another player that the Celtics will look at if they end up drafting in the 5-8 range. At one point in the college season, some people had Randle as a possible #1 pick, but he's slipped the past several months. The main fear scouts have with him is his wingspan. They wonder how successful he will be going against longer NBA players. Personally I think Randle will have a very solid NBA career. He won't be a shot blocker, but he'll be able to play both the power forward and center positions in the ever shrinking NBA. Also, he's a teenager, so he could still grow an inch or 2. Randle might not end up a superstar, but I expect him to develop into a Zach Randolph type player (with a better head on his shoulders). If the Celtics drafted him, the only dilemna would be that none of Randle, Sully, or Olynyk are shot blockers/rim protectors. One would need to eventually be traded.

p.s. I guess the Durant backpack look is in at the combine.

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