Dante Exum's lightning quick speed evident at NBA Draft Combine

Dante Exum's lightning quickness was evident today at the NBA Draft combine.

Exum was number one overall among point guards in lane agility time at 10.75. In the 3/4 court sprint he was faster than both Chris Paul and Damian Lillard when the two superstar guards went through the combine process.

His 2.88 in the NBA Shuttle was also top for point guards.

What do these number mean?

For starters, they show he should be able to stay with elite quickness point guards and shooting guards on the defensive end disallowing for a lot of penetration.

On the offensive end I've already talked about Exum's ability to cross people over with his first step and get to the rim. This ability is immeasurably important because it allows either for a score, a dish on the defensive rotation or for offensive rebound opportunities for his teammates also on the rotation.

His max vertical was really one of the things that didn't jump out at you (he still finished eighth overall among pgs) but truly how often will he have to utilize that. Mostly when he's chasing down defenders to block shots like Kevin Durant did on that insane block on Matt Barnes last night.

Exum's speed and quickness, however, can more than compensate for his lack of vertical allowing him to still get to the ball. Also, his length offsets this as well.

Remember, Durant far from impressed at the combine in 2007. His speed and agility were put into question when he turned in the fourth-worst sprint time (3.45) and the last place lane agility drill time (12.33).

Durant comparisons aside, I still have Exum number three overall on my draft board behind Embiid and Parker and just ahead of Wiggins.

The main reason I have him behind Parker is his lack of jump shooting ability at this point in his career.

Having said that, he can develop a jump shot so he and Parker are basically neck and neck for number 2 on my board.

He would be a great pick for the Celtics because then you would have two players that can run the break for the C's as well as having someone who can learn from Rondo and slide into his starting role when Rajon retires.

In the meantime he's a good fit at the 2 or 3 as well, ala the comparisons to one of my all time favorites Penny Hardaway.

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