Rumor: Rockets interested in Rajon Rondo

After the Houston Rockets were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs on Friday night, ESPN's Marc Stein wrote a piece discussing where they go from here.  Included were the following quotes on Rajon Rondo:

It's inevitable that Rockets general manager Daryl Morey will likewise check in with his old boss Danny Ainge in Boston -- as he did before the trade deadline in February -– just to make sure Rajon Rondo isn’t suddenly available. 
Parsons is the Rocket every rival team tries to steal. Boston would insist on Parsons if Rondo-to-Houston talks ever got serious.

The simplest possible scenario, Rondo for Parsons and Omer Asik, does work in the ESPN trade machine.  I can see the value in this deal for both teams, but from Boston's perspective it all depends on what happens in the draft lottery and what the C's intend to do with their pick.  If they finish top three and likely choose Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid their interest in Houston's small forward/center combo would be a lot less than if they end up number five and get point guard Dante Exum.  Ainge could also trade Boston's pick, and then who know's what their needs would be...

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