Boston AGM and stats guru Mike Zarren put together the above chart for Celtics.com, which presents the final lottery odds after the Celtics/Jazz "coin flip" yesterday.

The Celtics have three probable scenarios, and the way I see it there are also three distinct groups of player options for each:

A) 33.4% - Boston moves up into the top 3 and gets Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid.

B) 23.7% - Nobody jumps ahead of the Celtics, and they draft Dante Exum or Julius Randle from their #5 spot.

C) 34.2% - One team behind Boston moves up and pushes the Celtics back to #6, where they have their choice of Aaron Gordon, Marcus Smart or Noah Vonleh.

Even in the rare situation where two clubs pass the C's (8.2%), or the practically impossible case where three teams behind Boston win the lottery (0.3%), the Celtics would still likely pick one of the same three guys at #7 or #8...

It just might not be the one they were hoping for.

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Mark Van Deusen 4/19/2014 01:29:00 PM Edit
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