Updated NBA draft lottery odds for ever team; a look at the Celtics' possible options (most likely pick is 6)

Boston AGM and stats guru Mike Zarren put together the above chart for Celtics.com, which presents the final lottery odds after the Celtics/Jazz "coin flip" yesterday.

The Celtics have three probable scenarios, and the way I see it there are also three distinct groups of player options for each:

A) 33.4% - Boston moves up into the top 3 and gets Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid.

B) 23.7% - Nobody jumps ahead of the Celtics, and they draft Dante Exum or Julius Randle from their #5 spot.

C) 34.2% - One team behind Boston moves up and pushes the Celtics back to #6, where they have their choice of Aaron Gordon, Marcus Smart or Noah Vonleh.

Even in the rare situation where two clubs pass the C's (8.2%), or the practically impossible case where three teams behind Boston win the lottery (0.3%), the Celtics would still likely pick one of the same three guys at #7 or #8...

It just might not be the one they were hoping for.

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