Report: Kevin Love open to playing in Boston

The one question that has remained unanswered with all the Kevin Love-to-Boston talk is would he re-sign here?

According to CSNNE's A. Sherrod Blakely, that answer looks to be yes.

A source close to Love told (Comcast SportsNet basketball analyst Tim Welsh) that the three-time All-star, "wants to play for an organization that's going to be a winning organization; not necessarily I have to go to a championship team now, but a team that's going to be built to move in that direction. Maybe it'll take a couple years. That's OK. But he needs a change from Minnesota."


Welsh added, "but he's a professional. He wants to go where there's the best opportunity for him which would be in a winning organization and he respects the history of the Celtics."

While that's far from a definite answer and anytime information is coming from "sources" it could easily be wrong, this is still good news. These sources aren't saying Love doesn't want to come to Boston.

The Celtics have a ton of assets to assist in their rebuild. So many in fact that they could give a king's ransom for Love and still have pieces to move to acquire more talent. That's key because this could be a similar situation to the Kevin Garnett trade where Garnett didn't want to come to the Celtics to play with just Paul Pierce until the team traded for Ray Allen.

Maybe Love doesn't want to come to the Celtics or is at least a little hesitant to play with just Rajon Rondo. The draft lottery is minutes away and much of what Boston GM Danny Ainge will be able to do, trade-wise and rebuilding-wise, depends on their top pick. I'm not saying Ainge couldn't still swing a deal for Love and another borderline all-star with a low pick, it just makes the endeavor that much harder. Who knows, maybe Boston can keep its top pick and that player will be the guy to convince Love to don the green jersey.

So many possibilities. Keep your fingers crossed. The day we've been waiting for has arrived.

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