Remember Colton Iverson?

On draft day a year ago the Celtics traded cash to the Pacers for the 53rd pick, then used it on 7-footer Colton Iverson from Colorado State.  He didn't make the team coming out of training camp, so Iverson took a trip overseas to play in Turkey for a year.  Now he's back, and looking to snag a spot on Boston's roster in 2014-2015.

According to ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg, Iverson will begin working out with the Celtics possibly as early as next week, and should suit up for the team's summer league squad in Orlando.  Via Forseberg, here's what Danny Ainge had to say about Iverson:

My message to Colton has been, 'Just come in and work so hard that everyone wants to find a way to make it work.' 
The same things that we liked about him still hold true: We love his physical play and his intensity. I mean, he is a big, strong dude and, when he caught the ball in the paint, it takes two guys jumping on his back just to keep him from dunking it. Now, I thought that he slowly but surely picked up some of the pro concepts on defensive rotations that were different from college, he got better at that; he adjusted to the officiating and learned to play without fouling a lot better. I think his patience in the post improved.

Personally I hope he makes the team, if only so the C's can sell jerseys that say "Iverson" on the back...

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