Lance Stephenson may have snagged the NBA Nuts Crown out of J.R. Smith's grasp

Seems like every year there's the one NBA player that makes it his mission to do crazy things on a nightly basis. DeShawn Stevenson and J.R. Smith come to mind right off the bat. With neither of them participating in this year's playoffs (Stevenson wasn't in the NBA this year and the Knicks laughably didn't make the playoffs), there was a void to be filled. Enter Lance Stephenson. Talking smack like no other, creeping in opposing huddles like he was in TLC, flopping like he was Vlade Divac's love child, and now blowing in LeBron James's ear. I won't say any more right now out of fear that he'll show up at the Celtics Life headquarters and proceed to blow in my ear and possibly kidnap Mike Dyer, but you get the point. He's a bit loco.

p.s. Love the Ginuwine music to the Vine.