2014-15 Free Agency Targets: Who should the Celtics target?

While most of the discussions around free agency have swirled around what the Super Friends of Miami will do, where Carmelo will land, and what it is going to cost to trade for Kevin Love, there are many more quality players and role players about to hit the market.

With Wyc Grousbeck promising “fireworks” this summer, Danny Ainge poised to wheel and deal some of the assets he has amassed, and a nation of fans in green and white clamoring for a return to relevancy, there is a good chance one or two of these guys could be visiting Boston this summer.

As detailed in HoopsHype, the Top Ten free agents are: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitski, Carmello Anthony, Tim Duncan, Kyle Lowry, Eric Bledsoe, Luol Deng, and Greg Monroe.

The vast majority of this list isn’t going anywhere as their respective teams would be remiss to let them walk. No way the Super Friends leave Miami, no way Duncan or Dirk play for another team this late in their careers, and I think both Lowry & Bledsoe are getting truck loads of cash to say in Toronto and Phoenix respectively.

There is a lot of value beyond the forecasted top ten. Here are the five guys that the Celtics could target without breaking the bank:

Mike Miller (unrestricted; $884,293 in 2013/14)- for the right price, this is a quality signing. Miller is going to provide a steady hand off the bench down the stretch. On a young team, quality veteran leadership is a must have. He’s healthier than he was in his last days with the Heat and could be worth a look. Especially if Bradley and Bayless move on from Boston.

Jodie Meeks (unrestricted; $1,550,000 in 2013/14)- a shining spot on a terrible Lakers team, Meeks is a contributor whose long range shot ability would add serious fire power to the Celtics. Depending on if the Celtics want to pay Avery Bradley and/or Jerryd Bayless, and what they do in the draft, they’re going to need a trustworthy talent at the two-guard position. Meeks should be on the list of calls to make.

Spencer Hawes (unrestricted; $6,600,000 in 2013/14)- Boston needs an actual center to play center. I don’t know if Boston can match the mystique of Cleveland, but maybe we can lure him away from the City that Eats Potential.

Greg Monroe- (restricted; $5,479,934 quaifying offer for 2014/15) Greg Monroe is out of place in Detroit. They either need to trade Josh Smith or Greg Monroe, and I don’t know if Smoove’s contract is getting moved, so let’s consider Monroe on the block. He’s a talented big man that needs a change of scenery to advance his game.

Gordon Hayward (restricted; $4,677,708 qualifying offer for 2014/15)- He might be the guy. His stock is going to skyrocket the minute he hits the market and Utah is going to get a lot of offers. If Boston misses out on the Love sweepstakes, all that loot might get shipped off to Utah for Hayward.

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Source: HoopsHype

Lead Photo Source: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images