Roger Mason Jr. on LeBron James: "He ain't playing if Sterling is still an owner."

Absolute worst case scenario for the NBA right here. Fans of the Boston Celtics just went through a rebuild this season and it was a struggle, but at least there was compelling basketball to watch outside of New England. If LeBron makes good on this threat multiply that by 30 teams because the entire league will essentially enter rebuilding mode aka The Ice Age.

If LeBron walked out because of Donald Sterling, dozens of other players would too. I hope you like EuroLeague because that's all we're getting if the NBA doesn't kick the entire Sterling ownership group out.

It's never going to get to this level because sooner rather than later, people are going to stop putting a microphone in Donald and/or Shelly Sterling's faces and they're going to be ushered out for good. LeBron knows that this situation will not last forever which is why he is confident in saying he'll boycott if Donald Sterling is still an owner. Adam Silver dropped a hammer and by the start of the 2014-15 season, that hammer will have put more than a few nails in Donald Sterling's ownership coffin.