Draft combine interviews with Dante Exum, Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh and Doug McDermott

Every clip can be found on the Celtics official youtube channel, meaning somebody in the organization thinks each of these players could wind up in Boston:

Dante Exum

We've talked a lot about Exum in recent days. It seems like the Celtics should do better than him if they win the lottery and move up into the top 3 (Andre Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid; although Embiid's health may be causing his stock to drop).  If Exum is still around at 5 and the Celtics are picking, he's probably going to end up in Boston.

Aaron Gordon

If the Celtics end up with the 6th pick (statistically the most likely scenario) Gordon is a very possible option.

Noah Vonleh

Vonleh may be Boston's guy if two teams behind the Celtics move up and knock the C's back to 7, or potentially even at 6.

Doug McDermott

McDermott is projected to go around 10.  Baring a trade, it'll be a disaster if Boston ends up taking him.  The phrase "next Wally Szczerbiak" comes to mind...

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