Donald Sterling apologizes, asks for forgiveness and another shot

Viewers will be demanding another apology if that shirt button can't contain that gut for the entire interview 

Donald Sterling was interviewed by CNN's Anderson Cooper today and apologized for his comments on the leaked tape, which led to his banning by the NBA.
"I'm a good member who made a mistake and I'm apologizing and I'm asking for forgiveness. Am I entitled to one mistake, am I after 35 years? I mean, I love my league, I love my partners. Am I entitled to one mistake? It's a terrible mistake, and I'll never do it again."

I'm all for giving people 2nd chances, but I'm pretty sure this isn't his first mistake in 35 years. If he was sincere about his apology and was willing to turn over a new leaf, I'd be fine with him remaining in the NBA, but honestly he has a track record of racism and his apology seems rather hollow. The league wasn't going to give him another shot and this interview won't change their mind one bit. At least he's finally apologized for his racism. Small steps. Only took him until 80 years old and losing his team.

Sterling also agrees with the popular belief that he was set up by his ex girlfriend:
"When I listen to that tape, I don't even know how I can say words like that. ... I don't know why the girl had me say those things," he told CNN's Anderson Cooper in an exclusive interview set to air on Monday.

"You're saying you were set up?" Cooper asked.

"Well yes, I was baited," Sterling said. "I mean, that's not the way I talk. I don't talk about people for one thing, ever. I talk about ideas and other things. I don't talk about people."

The thing is V. Stiviano has nothing to do with the NBA. If she is a horrible girlfriend or not, it's besides the point. If she set Sterling up, it doesn't matter. Sterling is the one associated with the NBA and is the one that has to deal with the consequences. Considering that Stiviano was with a married man, she already looks bad before any accusations of set-ups or gold digging. But again, Stiviano doesn't have to answer to the NBA. Sterling does. And this time he won't be able to hold onto his team.

In other Sterling news, his wife Shelly in her own weekend interview, says she pities him, plans to divorce him, and thinks he has early signs of dementia. Listening to the recording, I'd concur with that dementia diagnosis. He doesn't seem to be all there. This story isn't going away any time soon, as Shelly Sterling plans to fight the NBA in court to stop the sale of the team (she owns 50%).

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The NBA doesn't seem worried about Mrs. Sterling at all though:
"Under the NBA Constitution, if a controlling owner's interest is terminated by a 3/4 vote, all other team owners' interests are automatically terminated as well," wrote NBA spokesman Mike Bass in a statement. "It doesn't matter whether the owners are related as is the case here. These are the rules to which all NBA owners agreed to as a condition of owning their team."

Not sure how Sterling's wife could beat that. Seems pretty cut and dry, but with the right lawyers she can definitely drag this out. Sounds like Donald would actually have a better case in court than his wife as he is (was) at least a controlling owner. Note to self: If you decide to own an NBA team, make sure you are the controlling owner. Also don't say racist stuff and make sure your shirts fit.

Top pic via CNN. 2nd pic via Celtics Life's DH. Video via ABC.

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