As expected, the NBA's #1 hemorrhoid owner isn't going to go down without a fight, as reports are that Donald Sterling has plans to sue the NBA if they try to force him to sell the Clippers.
An NBA executive who is close to Sterling said the disgraced Clippers owner will sue the NBA if the other 29 owners vote to force him to sell in the wake of the lifetime ban he received for making racist comments on a recently leaked audio tape.

“He is not going to sell the team,” the executive said.

“He’ll sue and it’ll take years to settle,” said the source close to Sterling.

Potential 1st U.S. president without a 1st name on the right
I don't expect Donald Sterling to ever run the Clippers again or set foot in the Staples Center. But with that said, I also don't expect the team to leave the Sterling family anytime soon. The owners will vote to boot him, but the court system won't move as quickly. Will be interesting to see what happens with the Clippers players and the NBA players in general when the team is still being owned by the Sterling's come next Fall. I know the Players Association had an ultimatum that he needed to go, and Adam Silver and the other 29 NBA owners are aware of this, but again the law and the legal system won't expedite this just because the players have an ultimatum.

In other Sterling news, reports are that he has been suffering from Prostate Cancer. I was glad to hear Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers had kind words for Sterling when they were briefed of this. No one should wish cancer on anyone and no need to fight an evil, rotten man by being evil and rotten back.

Some obscure website called DuJour.com is reporting that they spoke to Sterling and he feels remorseful, but that he also said, "I wish I had just paid her off." V. Stiviano for her part has been eating up her 15 minutes of fame, walking around town with a Daft Punk-like mask and an entourage. She was also on Barbara Walters last night talking about how she's heard many more racists words from Sterling, but that she doesn't believe he is a racist. She also says she plans to be president one day.

No this isn't an Afternoon Delight. This is all happening. Stay tuned. The drama is just getting started.

JR 5/03/2014 03:59:00 AM Edit
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