Video: Lillard's buzzer beating 3 pointer sends Blazers to the 2nd round & Rockets to a premature playoff exit

Much more on the exciting NBA games last night still to come on Celtics Lie later this morning, but I can't remember the last buzzer beater to clinch a playoff series in the NBA. Was it way back in the 80's with Jordan on Ehlo? Anyway, people say you can't get any better than sudden death Game 7 playoff hockey, but Damian Lillard and Portland didn't get that memo.

Sucks that the Celtics aren't in the playoffs, but it's been fun to actually watch some games where the main focus is not rooting for your favorite team to lose (to get a better draft pick). Hopefully Pags brings us home Andrew Wiggins and we can go back to watching exciting basketball in May in Boston next year.