Danny Ainge finishes 7th in NBA executive of the year voting

The San Antonio Spurs' R.C. Buford has won the NBA's executive of the year award, with the Celtics' Danny Ainge finishing 7th.  Here are the complete voting results via ESPN Boston:

I know many Celtics fans are thinking "What?  7th?  Ainge is way better than that!  The Brooklyn deal was a heist!"  But consider this: Of the 17 executives who received votes, 15 of them have clubs who made the postseason.  The only other non-playoff vote-getter was Phoenix's Ryan McDonough (formerly Ainge's assistant), who's squad went 48-34 in the Western Conference despite being expected to compete for the league's worst record (McDonough also won the award in our Celtics Life writers poll).

The fact that Ainge finished 7th with a 25-win team is actually quite impressive.  Ainge won the award back in 2008 after acquiring Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.

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