Woj Bomb: Donald Sterling banned from NBA for life

Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been flung into a controversy surrounding racist comments he made in a phone conversation with his girlfriend. He asked her to not bring black people to Clippers games.


Adrian Wojnarowski broke this news before commissioner Adam Silver even could.

Of course, Silver announced this seconds after Woj's tweet in his press conference that started just after 2 pm.

Sterling is banned from any Clippers activities, can't participate in any decisions with the franchise and he's been fined the maximum amount ($2.5 million). He also announced that the NBA will be looking to force Donald Sterling to sell the team, subject to a 3/4 vote by the owners.

This has been a long time coming for the racist Sterling, who everyone knew was a racist jerk for decades but nothing was done.

Huge statement by Adam Silver, swinging a big stick within his first few months in office as NBA Commisioner.