Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett appreciate support of Celtics fans in post-season

 The support from Celtics fans for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett during their post-season run with the Brooklyn Nets hasn't gone unnoticed. In an interview with the media yesterday,  Pierce and Garnett discussed all things related to the NBA playoffs.

Pierce spoke of his gratitude towards the continued support from his fans in Boston, about getting accustomed to no longer donning a green and white jersey, and how he feels better physically and mentally for this year's playoffs than last year. From WEEI:

No. 34 still appreciates that Celtics fans are watching his run in Brooklyn.

"There's a lot of fans [in Boston],” he added, “and I'm happy for their support..."

Pierce and Garnett helped Brooklyn split the first two games with the Atlantic Division champion Raptors. Now the Nets head back to play two home games in the Barclays Center, a place Pierce still finds odd calling home. He has registered two playoff games so far for the Nets, and is still getting used to placing his long arms through a (black) and white jersey before each game.

"I've already been through the regular 82 games," said Pierce, who still wanted to know more about the Red Sox win over the Yankees and the Michael Pineda pine tar incident. "So that's helped me get over that."

Pierce also admitted he feels significantly better than he did a year ago, when his Celtics lost in five games to the Knicks in the opening round of the playoffs.

"Throughout the regular season, the [Rajon] Rondo injury physically and mentally took a toll on me," said Pierce. "I started playing up toward the 40-minute mark in the second half of the season, and I was kind of spent in the playoffs."

Pierce played a major role in helping seal the Nets' game 1 playoff win over the Raptors through his clutch play that he was known for in Boston. After losing game 2 in Toronto, the series moves to Brooklyn for game 3 tonight. Pierce expects it to be a "nice ruckus, rowdy crowd" after many negative comments were made about Brooklyn players by Toronto's media and GM.

Will the intensity of Brooklyn fans and players match that exhibited by Boston in the past? Garnett spoke of what is needed to be successful in the playoffs, and his anticipation of playing his first post-season series at the Barclays Center:

"This is a different level of intensity," said Garnett, who verified the fans in Boston understand that vigor and fury. "A different level of concentration. Some people can withstand that for 48 minutes, and some can't."

"We understand we have to take this one game at a time," said Garnett. “When you're playing off energy, momentum, adrenaline, and all that wears down and goes out the window, now it's time to use what you know. If you never experienced that, then you're just playing basic basketball."

"I've never seen a series in Brooklyn before,” added Garnett. “We're about to see what that's like."

Game 3 between the Nets and the Raptors tips off at 7 PM Eastern time on ESPN 2.

Photo: Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports