Joe Dumars expected to resign as Pistons President of Basketball Operations

According to, Hall of Fame player Joe Dumars run as Detroit Pistons President of Basketball Operations may soon come to a screeching halt.

Dumars has been with the Pistons as a player and in the front office for 29 years but this season appears to have taken its toll and Dumars is expected to resign before his contract expires on July 1.

In many respects the signing of Josh Smith may have been the impetus that will lead to Dumars eventual resignation.

Smith signed a four year 54 million dollar deal with the Pistons this off season but has always been a player whose talent far outweighs his impact.

This year Smith is shooting under 42 percent from the field and under 27 percent from three.

There's also, as there always has been, questions about his coachability considering that even with that anemic three point percentage he continues to hurl the ball from deep at a clip of just under four a game.

The Pistons are definitely a team that's less than the sum of their parts considering Andre Drummond is an absolute man-child at twenty years old and is the first player this century to go over 400 offensive rebounds in a season.

Greg Monroe is another young talent (23) for the team shooting over 50% from the field and pulling down over nine rebounds a game.

With these two young studs and Smith on the roster the Pistons should at the very least be a playoff team in the east. Instead, their record currently stands at 28-49.

Regardless of some bad personnel decisions it will be a sad day when Dumars leaves the organization.

"Joey D" and Isiah Thomas comprised one of the toughest backcourts in the league in the late eighties and provided Boston with plenty of headaches in that era.

If the rumors are true Dumars resignation would also come on the ten year anniversary of the 2004 champion Pistons team he put together.

This team was revolutionary because they didn't have a true center and was one of the forerunner models in the NBA for much of the "positionless basketball" strategy many franchises employ today.

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