Gordon Hayward only player in Jazz history other than "Pistol" Pete to average 16-5-5. Is he a viable option for Boston this off season?

Tonight Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz became the first player other than "Pistol" Pete Maravich to average at least 16 points, five assists and five rebounds for the organization in a season.

Yes, these are rather pedestrian numbers to be considered historic, but anytime you're mentioned in the same breath as "The Pistol" it's noteworthy.

Even better, tonight Hayward paced the Jazz with 23 points 10 rebounds and nine assists as Utah upset Minnesota in double OT helping to slightly improve Boston's draft position.

Hayward becomes a free agent over the summer and the question arises is he someone the Celts should consider trying to sign in free agency.

My answer is yes with a couple of caveats including, of course, it has to be for reasonable money.

Boston would also need to get a deal done with Houston: Omer Asik straight up for Jeff Green. Their contracts are virtually identical and both teams immediately get better.

Houston also gets some insurance in case Chandler Parsons chooses to bolt this summer.

For the Celtics these moves would not make them championship contenders but they would be filling needs.

Not to mention, Hayward played for Brad Stevens at Butler and appreciates working in a system as well as tradition.

The next move would be, depending on what the Celtics do with their draft pick, is go after Kevin Love in 2015.

Now, no one knows how a team's going to gel or what injuries they will incur but I think a starting five of PG Rondo SG Avery SF Hayward PF Love and C Asik would have a chance at being very good.

Another option is trying to get Al Jefferson back after next season because he has an opt out clause (the specifics of which I know nothing about).

Then there's always trying to lure Carmelo to the Celtics for less than a max contract this off season.

A lot of people don't necessarily like Carmelo but there's no denying his offensive prowess.

What better shot at redemption then coming to play for the most storied franchise in basketball and helping them to their 18th championship.

I truly believe Brad Stevens is a good enough coach that he could teach Melo to move without the ball and not rely so much on isos.

The only problem with this is Carmelo is from New York and people who grow up loving the Knicks also grow up hating the Celtics.

The Asik deal would have to get done as well for this to work, or, perhaps, if we were lucky enough, landing Embiid in the draft.

At the very least, this nightmarish season is finally over and on paper the Celtics definitely have a lot of options and a bright future.

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