Brad Stevens ranked 11th in ESPN Forecast poll of NBA coaches

ESPN has recently created a "Forecast" panel used for making a variety of predictions and rankings.  They've been grading each NBA team's management, with the Celtics landing at #6 in the "front office" poll, and at #4 in terms of ownership.  Now a list of the league's coaches has been revealed, with Brad Stevens checking in at #11.

While being rated 11th best may not seem like anything special, it's actually a very impressive showing for the rookie head coach of a 23-54 ball club.  There are no other coaches in the top 18 who have losing records and are out of the playoffs, let alone anywhere near the bottom four in the standings.  Stevens ranks ahead of Kevin McHale in Houston (13), Marc Jackson in Golden State (16), Rick Adelman in Minnesota (17), and Jason Kidd in Brooklyn (18) just to name a few.

The top of the list comes as no surprise, with the Spurs' Gregg Popovich 1st, and a pair of one-time Celtics 2nd and 3rd; former Boston assistant and defensive guru Tom Thibodeau of the Bulls (2), and the Clippers' Doc Rivers (3).

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