Will the Celtics keep Chris Babb? He sure hopes so...

Jessica Camerato of Basketball Insiders just put out a piece on Chris Babb, and what his life has been like on a pair of 10-day contracts the past three weeks.  Here is some of what he had to say:

“It’s kind of an overwhelming process, really. I have 10 days to prove why I deserve to be there. At the same time I’m supposed to not worry about it and just play basketball. It’s easier said than done. So I’m telling myself, ‘Don’t worry about it, there’s no pressure, just play basketball.’ But at the same time, I’m a perfectionist when I play basketball. Any time I step out on the court I’m doing everything I can to do things the right way. I think that kind of magnified it in my mind. Being on a 10-day contract, you want to do things even more perfect. I think that kind of messed me up a little bit.” 
“There’s film of me defending the best players in the NBA at my position and at the three spot — Paul George, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Andre Iguodala, guys like that who are NBA All-Stars at their positions. What better opportunity than to guard those guys? That’s something I’ll take away from this and be able to say I held my own against some of the best guards in the NBA. That’s something that’ll make me stand out.” 
“I’ve put it all out there. I’ve done everything that I can. I’ve got all the workouts in that I can, I’ve worked as hard as I could, I’ve been as vocal as I can be on the sidelines, I’ve played as hard as I could when I’m in the game. I’m going to keep that same mindset, that whatever is supposed to happen happens.”

Babb's second 10-day contract expires today, and according to ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg no decision has been made on whether to sign him for the remainder of the season or let him go.  Babb hasn't played in four games since Avery Bradley returned to the C's lineup on March 14.

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