Walter McCarty wants to be the head coach at Boston College

From Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald:

The list of candidates for the head basketball coach’s position at Boston College includes Walter McCarty, the Herald has learned. And the Celtics assistant coach acknowledged yesterday he is intent on exploring the possibility. 
“I’m very interested,” said McCarty, who spent 71⁄2 years as a player for the Celts. “I want to be highly considered. I love the city. I have great ties in the city. I have a great foundation here, especially with recruiting." 
“If you look at Louisville’s 2013 national championship team, four of those five starters were my guys. So I’m very confident in my ability to coach and lead a program. I think that I’m ready.”

McCarty was an assistant coach under Rick Pitino at Louisville for three years, hence the "my guys" comment.  He goes on to say:

"This city loves basketball, and that’s a great university. I think the people in the area and the students can be re-engaged with the basketball program. There’s a good fan base. It just needs to be revived and be resurrected with the right person in place who can re-engage the community, who can engage the fan base and bring them back together." 
"And it also has to be a person who can bring players to campus who will be a part of not just the program, but the community. I think if you bring the right type of players here and put a good product on the floor, you can do that."

Last week ESPN reported that former UConn (and Northeastern way back) coach Jim Calhoun was also interested in the vacant BC job.  No offense to Walter, but I don't think he has much of a chance if Calhoun actually wants the gig.

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